Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

250 Broome Street, New York, NY

August 16 – 31, 2018


Opening Reception:

Thursday, August 18, 6 – 8 PM


ABSTRKT is pleased to present an exhibition of Victor Roman’s new works, curated by Ché Morales. Roman, who attended the Parsons School of Design, has been creating this body of work for the past two and a half years. Roman has been exploring the connection and similarities between the World Wide Web and the Wild Wild West. This current exhibition includes eight new works comprised of colorful imagery, bold shapes, and familiar icons that bring in the viewer to points of exploration and nostalgia. WWW. will be on view from August 16 though August 31, 2018 at 250 Broome Street, with an opening reception held on Thursday, August 16 from 6-8 pm. 


“I’m really interested in the modern world and the digital age – a time when we are constantly bombarded and relying on the internet and social media,” states curator and ABSTRKT Founder Ché Morales, “we have in some aspects lost our way and in a sense have gone backwards. This is why I find Roman’s WWW. series so fascinating. He has somehow taken two completely opposite realities and has shown us how freakishly similar they are. To me this is something that we all need to take notice of.”


WWW. is an ongoing series of works exploring the relationship between the World Wide Web and the Wild Wild West. Through the use of western imagery and familiar digital motifs, WWW. portrays the similarities of both landscapes as we have come to know and experience it.


Roman states: “This work is a union between two very different worlds that ultimately live by the same rules of lawlessness. I think it is important to question the nuances of the past in order better understand our current motivations and so, through a patchwork of narratives, WWW. becomes a reflection of our experiences in what I call the new digital frontier."



Victor Roman is a contemporary artist and designer from New York City. His painting style echoes his illustrative talents through his use of clean sharp lines, powerful use of color and the seamless appearance of his hand painted pieces. His most recent works explore his personal relationship and internal struggle between his two crafts of illustration and paint, as well as the current generational battle between the organic and the digital world. Roman utilizes multiple mediums to amplify his personal observations and curiosities while inviting his audience to navigate with him, through a digitally enhanced world.


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