Pajtim Osmanaj’s recent body of work is inspired by the landscapes of Kosovo, a country in southeast Europe, where he grew up. Osmanaj plays with the idea of memories, and the relationship between a real experience and the abstracts in your mind. Osmanaj believes that every memory from your past even the most realistic ones you experienced are still just abstractions put together to create a figurative memory. Osmanaj presents these pieces that both domineer and channel the surreal through size and color. It is his desire to bring that which is intangible, and therefore deemed as “abstract”, together with what is inarguably “real”. Abstract materials are used to create the art work which correlate his interest in bringing the abstract and the realism together as one thing.


Pajtim Osmanaj lives and works in New York City. He moved to America five years after studying painting at the Art Academy Kosovo. Osmanaj started his artistic outreach in New York while working in construction by showcasing his work at the construction sites he worked at. Later he became an art handler in Chelsea which lead him to start working in street art, gaining him attention from crowds of people to accelerate his career. The is Osmanaj's 4th solo exhibition in New York City, he has also been apart of 4 group shows.