Much of David Williams’ work is process based and driven by experimentation. Taking the techniques that he has learned over the years: painting, drawing, printmaking or collage; attempts are made at finding new ways of putting it all together in his studio practice. There are no hierarchies in terms of potential materials that are used. His practice is deeply rooted in paper and collage. Although, it has morphed over the years these techniques have dominated his work for almost a decade as he continues to find new avenues within the medium. 

During the past year of making these mixed media paintings, there has been an internal struggle of what is needed in an image as the maker. While, there has been a back-and-forth dialogue, and a balancing act throughout David’s career between abstraction and figuration; this body of work from 2017 is right in the middle of a major shift, or a transition from what appears to be a move towards figurative endeavors. 

There is not necessarily an overarching end goal with these images, but what is evident always in David’s work is a searching and in an unwavering manner attempts to find some truth within a picture. And when he was asked what he had in mind for this work, his answer was simple and succinct, “images that might be relatable to those who look at it them... if something sparks your interest, whatever that might be, a memory, an experience, or finding a new material to work with that you are excited about, and you go to the studio and put the time in exciting things happen. Work makes work, and work makes thought. I am certainly not trying to prescribe certain ways of thinking; quite possibly there are efforts at trying to find an escape from that for myself and for my audience.”


David Williams, b.1984 is a Colorado native and a mixed media artist who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. With a background in printmaking, which is deeply rooted in paper, David has found a unique way of combining painting, printmaking, and drawing into his heavily collaged and layered mixed media works. His imagery constantly teeters between abstraction and figuration. There is a continual attempt and yearning in David's process to find new materials and explore new ways of making imagery. Whether, that be in traditional oil paint, inks, pencil, a wide variety of papers, or bleach, it's all fair game. He has a BFA from Colorado State University, and an MFA from Louisiana State University. David is a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation fellowship, and the Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center. He has exhibited his work throughout New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Louisiana, Colorado, France, and Italy. He is currently a "Rock Star" member of the Sugar Hill Studio Program in Greenpoint Brooklyn.